Holtzman Vogel’s Political Law Group is recognized as a leader in the nation in political law, with our lawyers routinely characterized as architects of the modern political law framework. Over decades, our attorneys created much of the structure around political law in Washington and around the country, serving in key administrative, legislative, and regulatory roles. In private practice, they continue to innovate. They consistently invent new mechanisms to meet client challenges, including recently creating the concept of the hybrid ad, devising new methods to navigate ethics issues, and creating new strategies to manage disclosures. 

Our clients benefit from the respect Holtzman Vogel’s political lawyers have garnered from lawyers on both sides of the aisle. Over long careers, our attorneys have built relationships with regulators and other political actors at the federal level and in all fifty states. As a result, clients prevail in a process that is less adversarial and less costly--key priorities for donors and corporate clients who wish to avoid financial risk and risk to their brand.

Currently, we represent the nation’s largest and most high-profile groups interested in influencing the issues environment around public policy and elections. Our attorneys possess in-depth understanding of business and political technology, a critical differentiator and a reason clients compete for the firm’s expertise.

Our lawyers represent:

  • Elected officials 
  • Candidates 
  • Political parties 
  • Political committees 
  • Corporations 
  • Trade associations 
  • SuperPACs 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Individual donors 

We advise clients on the vast range of legal authorities governing the political process, including contributions limits, gifts rules, compliance with reporting requirements, ethics rules, and redistricting matters. We also advise on “Pay-to-Play” laws that apply to financial professionals and government contractors, as well as Federal Communications Commission regulations that impact political advertising efforts.