Holtzman Vogel’s Appellate Group attorneys understand there is both an art and a science to effective appellate advocacy. They know that winning an appeal requires more than writing persuasive briefs or convincing appellate judges during oral arguments that a client’s position is correct under the law. It requires a strategic approach to distilling and framing the facts and issues in a case so as to place the client and their position in the best light in the eyes of an appellate court.

Our appellate attorneys also understand how judges operate at the federal and state levels, having served as federal and state judicial clerks, and having handled appeals while serving in the U.S. Department of Justice and in state solicitors general offices. Over the decades they’ve practiced appellate law, our appellate attorneys have appealed and argued dozens of cases for clients, and represented other clients serving as amicus curiae, before federal and state appellate and supreme courts.

Because an appellate strategy is strongly shaped by what happens before and at trial, our appellate attorneys often join our clients’ trial teams early on to assist with building a record and shaping legal arguments to ensure our clients’ best arguments can be raised on appeal. Likewise, our trial attorneys often join our clients’ appellate teams to ensure they have the benefit of those attorneys’ deep knowledge of the subject matter at issue on appeal.