Early Returns Podcast with Jan Baran - Josh Gerstein: SCOTUS, the Presidential Immunity Case Fallout, and the Dobbs Case Leak Investigation

Early Returns Law & Politics Podcast with Jan Baran

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A very unusual and historic week of political and legal events just preceded America’s Independence Day. The Supreme Court of the United States ended its term with pivotal decisions, including a number that affect former President Donald Trump, the pending legal cases against him, and the 2024 presidential election. Indeed, the justices have ruled on constitutional, political, and cultural controversies in recent years in ways that have eroded the public’s confidence in the Court. 

Josh Gerstein, POLITICO’s Senior Legal Affairs Reporter, has watched it all.  He joins Jan Baran to discuss the ramifications of these decisions, how our Supreme Court justices are also being judged for their alleged partisan opinions, and the Court’s investigation after he reported on the leaked decision that reversed Roe v. Wade.

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