Developers and landowners turn to the Holtzman Vogel’s Land Use Group to shepherd difficult projects through the development process, obtain the necessary land use entitlements, and defend their private property rights. Whether a regional or national developer, corporate land acquisition and entitlement group, large-scale landowner, or private property owner, our clients trust our attorneys to maximize their development potential while minimizing time, expense, and controversy. We understand the value of security, efficiency, and certainty when it comes to the use of land, keeping the client’s ultimate business objectives in the forefront.


Our attorneys work with property owners on all aspects of land use issues including:

  • Urban and regional planning 
  • Land use due diligence 
  • Large-scale and planned unit developments 
  • Agricultural use rights 
  • Conservation easements, protected conservation lands, and Florida Forever lands program
  • Site plans and development permitting 
  • Concurrency, transportation, utilities, impact and development fees 
  • Conditional use and variances 
  • Infrastructure projects 
  • Development agreements 
  • State and local comprehensive planning, including sector plans 
  • Land development regulations and zoning 
  • Other issues that inevitably effect property owners 

When necessary, our attorneys will aggressively litigate to protect private property rights, challenge unconstitutional takings, and defend development entitlements. We also regularly represent clients in contentious planning and zoning hearings, city and county commission hearings, before the Division of Administrative Hearings, and before the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission (the Florida Governor and Cabinet). Our Land Use Group has experience defending property rights at all levels of the state and federal judicial system, including the U.S. Supreme Court.