In Compliance: June 2024 Round-Up

By: Jan Baran, Michael Bayes, Christine Fort, Andrew W. Gould, Jessica Furst Johnson, Tom Josefiak, William McGinley, Matthew Petersen, Steve Roberts, Jason Torchinsky, Jill Holtzman Vogel, Robert Volpe, Andrew D. Watkins, Gabriel Blacklock, and Ailsa Bryan

In this month's In Compliance Round-Up, we cover the following topics:

  • Supreme Court Holds Federal Anti-Corruption Law Prohibits State and Local Officials from Accepting Bribes, But Not Gratuities

  • Ethics Guidance Issued for the Presidential Nominating Conventions

  • FCC Proposal to Regulate Use of AI in Political Advertising Prompts Jurisdictional Dispute

  • Texas Ethics Commission Rule Requires Disclaimer on Paid Social Media Postings

  • Louisiana Gov. Landry Signs Bill Prohibiting the Use of Ranked-Choice Voting in Louisiana Elections

  • Vermont Establishes Uniform State and Local Ethics Requirements

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