Early Returns Law and Politics with Jan Baran - A Supreme Path: From Latin to Campaign Finance Law, to 38 Oral Arguments

Early Returns - Law and Politics with Jan Baran

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Arguing before the Supreme Court increasingly has become a specialty of an elite group of lawyers.  A former Scalia judicial law clerk, Kannon Shanmugam has argued 38 cases at the court.  

In this episode, Jan speaks with Kannon about his Midwest upbringing, his route to being a lawyer, his exceptional career, and his times before the Supreme Court.  They discuss his most memorable case, Maryland v King, involving DNA and the Fourth Amendment; he shares his observations about the Dobbs decision leak at the Court; and they recall the campaign finance case, McConnell v. FEC (how Jan and Kannon met) which largely upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, otherwise known as McCain-Feingold.