Political Law Senior Statesman, Jan Baran, Produces “Early Returns” Podcast

Early Returns - Law and Politics with Jan Baran

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Jan Baran Discusses the Intersection of Law and Politics with Today’s Leading Experts

Jan Baran, a partner with Holtzman Vogel Baran Torchinsky & Josefiak PLLC, has announced the production of his podcast “Early Returns – Law and Politics with Jan Baran.”  Baran, a long-time political lawyer and mainstay, understands that elections, lobbying, voting, and campaigning today are intense and filled with increasingly complex rules and resulting legal disputes. His podcast will spotlight players on the field, including political professionals, activists, election officials and lawyers, eliciting their insights and personal experiences, as well as tackling current controversies in law and politics.

Baran’s first episode of “Early Returns” features Allen Dickerson, the current Chairman of the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) for the 2022 election year. The FEC is a unique agency. It polices politics but must be sensitive to constitutional limits. It has six commissioners, three Republicans and three Democrats, but must have four votes on any major action. This episode highlights Chair Dickerson’s journey to the FEC and what it is like working there during a COVID lockdown including building bridges amongst commissioners, and some of the legal issues the FEC is facing as well as what might lie ahead.

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