Early Returns Podcast with Jan Baran - Bradley Smith: Deregulating Political Speech Through Campaign Finance

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In this episode of Early Returns, Jan speaks with Bradley Smith, professor at Capital University Law School, former Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) Chair, nationally recognized expert on campaign finance and the First Amendment, and the Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Free Speech (“IFS”).  IFS defends rights guaranteed by the first amendment of the United States Constitution.  Brad and IFS have been instrumental in modifying the debate about regulating money and politics by providing counter arguments questioning the efficacy of so-called “reforms.” 

They talk about Brad’s experience at the FEC, his run-in with Senator John McCain, his delayed FEC confirmation process, his academic tenure, and his work related to IFS which actively challenges government regulatory overreach.  The conversation includes analysis of recent free speech cases as well as suggestions on pending cases we should keep an eye on.  And, of course, there are some interesting reading suggestions.

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