Holtzman Vogel’s eDiscovery team has decades of experience in successfully resolving discovery matters of all sizes. Whether it’s a straightforward litigation or complex cross-border investigation, we leverage our knowledge of electronic medium, associated discovery platforms and creativity to address our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively.

Holtzman Vogel’s eDiscovery team provides clients with:

  • A dedicated team that has led eDiscovery reviews in multiple states and nations.
  • A litigation support director with over 15 years of experience and a degree in digital forensics.
  • A cloud-based platform based in Amazon Web Services that requires strict internal security controls and policies that further protect our clients’ data.
  • Lawyers with many years of eDiscovery experience guiding high-profile clients involved in complex, global and high-profile litigation, arbitration, and investigations, through the entirety of the EDRM life cycle, and providing expert recommendations, forensically sound and defensible data collections, and complex data analysis.
  • Full-service client support through training, review management, and access management. This provides consistency in our approach to data request requirements, managed review, and agreed upon ESI protocols, while still ensuring delivery within scope and meeting and exceeding timeline expectations.

Frequently, discovery can be the most frustrating aspect of a litigation or investigation, but Holtzman Vogel minimizes the burden and expense by tailoring its approach for each client.